Last update: November 2007

The Portcaptain's Photo Galleries as You know them are going OFFLINE.
Instead of maintaining this site as it is I decided to make an extreme makeover...
Please check out my new sites - the Portcaptain's News!



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I hope that one day the efforts and time I dedicate into this website also pays out in another way that in silent gratitude ;o)
Therefore there are two possibilities to support me:
You may become an official sponsor, or you may purchase copies of my photos for your companies own purpose - also in high resolution available.

All photos shown on this website have been taken by myself.
Do not copy, publish, print, or use my photos or derivates thereof for any other commercial use, unless you do have a written permission to do so.
You may use photos from this web sites for educational purpose, public schools are herewith expressively allowed to do so.
However please be so kind as to ask for permission
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Material and information on other web sites linked to but not included in this project are not in my responsablity.

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